We offer translating and interpreting services in Polish, Ukrainian, Russian and English, covering all fields and various language pairs (including uk-en, en-uk, ru-en, en-ru). We have a team of experienced English-speaking translators who are native speakers of Polish, Ukrainian and Russian. A sworn translator also works for us from Monday to Friday (and is also available at weekends by prior arrangement by phone). This means prompt delivery of our translations at no additional costs. As a team of in-house polyglots, Department of  East Slavic languages of the “Zespół Tłumaczy K. LITWIN, J. CZERNIA S.C.” can provide both written and oral translations (on- or off-site, with overnight stays). Our interpreting services also include participating in penal and economic law cases in European countries, including the English-spoken ones. The Company’s philosophy is based on the modern client service standards, rate flexibility and high service availability.

With its individual approach, prompt completion of orders and reliable service quality “Zespół Tłumaczy K. LITWIN, J. CZERNIA S.C.” is able to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Zespół Tłumaczy K. Litwin, J. Czernia S.C.